Patience brings hope

Not realizing when it all started, my life began picking up in a fast forward motion.
Moments, readings, working, vacationing, it’s all seemed to be done in a hassle.
For a moment, I’m reading a really interesting book, 3 minutes later I thought to myself “why am I reading this? There’s tons of other books waiting for me out there in this library!”
Attention span is indeed getting shorter and shorter and it’s distracting more than ever to not being able to finish up something I’ve started.
I’m merely into my new role for less than 3 months and all I’ve realized myself doing was chasing deadlines everyday. Everything else seemed to be in a whirl. Then I thought to myself, why did I tie myself down when clearly the interest is to be an entrepreneur/business owner? I can never perform to my fullest under rigid constraints/conditions set by people. Since basketball days, I knew that joining the school team was a bad idea. Before, I loved the freedom of freestyle basketball, the freedom to play my own plays with people who could complement. Ever since school team, all I could play were sets that we practiced at every trainings. I could never get out of the conformity box. Or rather, it creates a boundary that I can’t bring myself to cross. Even till today, the shooting sessions I can, the competitive tournaments I avoid.

After much thinking, I had the answer – reality and stability. The 2 things that people fear most. In reality, people conform to rules and regulations so that things within an organization runs smoothly. And only then, would you have the financial and life stability that comes with the former. It’s a vicious cycle. But some people thrived in such cycles. Others like me, just felt suffocated, drained due to the lack of creativity within such systems. I felt the lack of ownership despite contributing to the job. It was as though life is directed and replayed over and over. However, I am really lucky and grateful to have mentors who looked after me well enough to not magnify my “fish-out-of-water” status. And under them, I learnt loads and fast.

As for the other side, don’t wish to talk nor divulge too much yet as things are still in the transition stage from planning to implementation. Learnt the lesson of being too quick on the tongue and it always didn’t end well. Just hope in the interim, things will work out and looking forward to contribute with new skills n capabilities. Hope to meet up soon with the different people who have helped made minor progress thus far.

For a while, I never got to sit myself down to pen this post. Instead did some scribbles in my doodle pad every now and then to record the moments, the ideas and I’m glad some are slowly unfolding.

Will need to slow things down a little and take a step back to reflect upon what I’ve done thus far and how to move things forward. There’s more reading to be done and aiming to pick up and master 2 new skills within the next 3-4 months.
All the best to me and similar people out there.
Be brave even when the odds are against you, for you will be the one standing to see the rainbow after the storm subsides.


A reason to celebrate

I’ve been looking forward to any reason of sorts to let my hair down, celebrate and party all night long.

And finally we did it!
Had the chance to co-coordinate an Indian customary wedding for my two awesome friends Julian and Basanti!
Though it’s not exactly party all night long but at least for some parts where i can grab a breather or two, it’s a little shaking and “put your hands up in the air yo!” moment. :p

It was a lovely day for the wedding, the sky was clear, the venue was beautifully decorated, people were colourfully dresses in their best saris, suits, dresses and all.


The most memorable part for me was the walk in with the stunningly beautiful bride Basanti. Never did i expect myself to be in such position, joining in the dhol dancers, walking her in with so many people cheering on and giving heartfelt blessings to the bride as she paced and danced along with the rhythm of the drums.
They are the most kind-hearted, truest and coolest couple ever! It’s an honour to help them prepare and plan for such an important occasion. Of cuz many people had a part to play in making this wedding ceremony a success. First of all, Dholman-Bas bro and her sis who have been so enthusiastic, sporting and extremely meticulous about the details of the wedding. Not forgetting her bro being a spontaneous emcee for the night!
Second, to Kimmy, Ross, Lulu, and Barry who have been running around ensuring missing things are found, bride nd groom well taken care of and ushering the guests and keeping them entertained, ensuring the level of hypeness remained.

Of course to the supportive family, relatives and friends of the couple who made this amazing night possible.

To Curry Garden and the various vendors whom services were rendered for providing good food and great services at the wedding venue.

Last but not least, to the blessed couple for entrusting this opportunity for me and bi to assist and run the show for them.





My very first henna!

Having known them for a few yrs, they are by far the most fun n nicest couple I’ve known. :) And finally! im glad to be able to witness their customary wedding ritual!
It’s been a tiring but fun night with great food, awesome music and hellofva fun people who attended the most unique wedding held at a horse ranch! I wish mine would be half as great haha.

Last but not least i would like to wish them a happy marriage and that they will stay as loving and young as ever!

Lotsa love,

Halfway Mark

It’s finally the halfway mark to the end of 2014!! How time flies.

If it were school days, I would be considered a mugger now. haha. Conscientiously updating my inbox and finishing up what’s new/undone/piling. But. I’m still loving it. :)

Something random popped up in my head and I started grinning to myself at a joke a good friend told me recently, something about vanilla, yinila, ernila…   life should be like this, enjoy the fun moments and reminiscing.

June is finally here, a hectic month with Bi’s birthday coming up. Planning something but so not gonna reveal it here as he is the ultimate stalker of my blog. :p

kays, this gonna be short because I’m extremely burnt out from the late nights recent weeks. i’m still owing the updates on my Perth trip..MUST.WORK.ON.IT.soon.

Cheerios with loves,




要怀疑我, 就离我远远的,因为我也不稀罕这种友谊及感情。之前就因为,为了面对这些心存恶念的人,把自己弄得片体鳞伤,之后又得从头爬起。现在的我,看开多了。小人到处都是,只要做得正,才是小人害怕的原因。我想也就是这一点,是让她不断地堤防我的理由吧。


今天的我,不会去理会别人怎么看我。而且我的使命是 "如果你需要我,我就会存在。直到有一天你不需要我了,我会默默地消失在你的视线范围内。"我不需要别人对我好,我只需要对得起自己的良心,就足够了。


Just a Random Everyday Post – 26 May 2014

Life’s been pretty hectic since the new switch of career. But despite the busyness, I’ve been very much contented with everything else.

Did a wedding recce at Punggol Ranch for the beloved Julian & Bas as we (myself and Bi) are the coordinators. We pray for good weather and smooth sailing of the wedding day!! >.<

Helping out with Esther’s video too and many things to complete by tomorrow. Gonna be a looong day ahead.

Hope the vid can be exported soon so that i can go meet the bed.

Till another day for a more meaningful post! Toodles~


Lotsa Love,


Just a Random Everyday Post – 15 April 2014


The second day of my 2 weeks break started not so well. 
I’ve developed an eyelid bump in the left eye and could feel an oncoming bout of flu…the sneezing is terrible. Either that or someone must be fervently talking about me. hahaha.

Wishing to be able to sit for few moments to do some design stuff, but somehow kept being interrupted with errands or urgent chores. Finally, managed to spend a morning clearing Chill’s design and pen down some thoughts before going off to lunch with a dear friend and crayfish horfan :)

Was so looking forward to a morning jog followed by a refreshing swim, unfortunately the bump and Mom’s and Bi’s nagging made be reconsidered the consequences, hence putting off the exercise routines. Ah wells, at least a quiet morning to myself, to work on some outstanding work in peace.

How am i feeling? Missing the people and the usual office randoms and fun…but otherwise, ok i guess. Life goes on, and people move on. Just gotta look forward to a new environment and new colls and friends. But of course not forgetting those memorable times I had with the ladies and guys.


Having attended the Pursuing Happiness forum last Saturday evening, definitely gave me a better perspective of happiness. Somehow i felt i clicked best with Sharon Au’s inspiring and authentic sharing of her take on “Happiness”.

She took on a more realistic viewpoint and shared that “it’s ok to be unhappy. Just don’t let unhappiness destroy you.”   

Everyone sure had their story to tell, their journey to share whilst seeking “Happiness”. i guess there’s no ultimate happiness, as emotions fluctuates with everyday things happening. You bound to have moments of anger, envy, worry, sadness, etc. in a day. But we just have to learn how to let go of unhappy matters and wear a positive lens to be able to appreciate the happiness behind all ills.  In my opinion, that is the best way to attain ultimate happiness. Same as Sharon, I too believe that if I can’t be happy, at least I can bring happiness to the people around me. Seeing them happy makes me happy too. (well, in a way)

We often have the choice on how we behave. To scream at people who did wrong, or to say “it’s okay, just don’t do it again”. To take revenge or to smile and say “at least it’s not as bad. it could have been worse”.I am glad the past had taught me much, to be tolerant, to understand people and their situations, and to listen better instead of constantly making my own opinions heard. I am opinionated in the things I strongly believe in, and I know others too are alike, having their own beliefs and opinions. But it’s always better for me to listen to others first before considering my own, perhaps I will learn something new out of it, from a different lens, from a fresh perspective. Which I did, gladly as listening definitely made me a better observer. If by lending a listening ear to friends and family in times of woes helps, I would be more than happy to do so.

No More Goodbyes

We sang, we laughed, we drank, we teared.
All in a night.
I am blessed to know you peeps.
Thanks for everything that I’ve experienced in this one memorable year.
You guys have taught me much and I will do my best to carry on this “siew keong” spirit wherever I go.
Sad to be leaving so soon.
But this is not goodbye. :)