Just a Random Everyday Post – 15 April 2014


The second day of my 2 weeks break started not so well. 
I’ve developed an eyelid bump in the left eye and could feel an oncoming bout of flu…the sneezing is terrible. Either that or someone must be fervently talking about me. hahaha.

Wishing to be able to sit for few moments to do some design stuff, but somehow kept being interrupted with errands or urgent chores. Finally, managed to spend a morning clearing Chill’s design and pen down some thoughts before going off to lunch with a dear friend and crayfish horfan :)

Was so looking forward to a morning jog followed by a refreshing swim, unfortunately the bump and Mom’s and Bi’s nagging made be reconsidered the consequences, hence putting off the exercise routines. Ah wells, at least a quiet morning to myself, to work on some outstanding work in peace.

How am i feeling? Missing the people and the usual office randoms and fun…but otherwise, ok i guess. Life goes on, and people move on. Just gotta look forward to a new environment and new colls and friends. But of course not forgetting those memorable times I had with the ladies and guys.


Having attended the Pursuing Happiness forum last Saturday evening, definitely gave me a better perspective of happiness. Somehow i felt i clicked best with Sharon Au’s inspiring and authentic sharing of her take on “Happiness”.

She took on a more realistic viewpoint and shared that “it’s ok to be unhappy. Just don’t let unhappiness destroy you.”   

Everyone sure had their story to tell, their journey to share whilst seeking “Happiness”. i guess there’s no ultimate happiness, as emotions fluctuates with everyday things happening. You bound to have moments of anger, envy, worry, sadness, etc. in a day. But we just have to learn how to let go of unhappy matters and wear a positive lens to be able to appreciate the happiness behind all ills.  In my opinion, that is the best way to attain ultimate happiness. Same as Sharon, I too believe that if I can’t be happy, at least I can bring happiness to the people around me. Seeing them happy makes me happy too. (well, in a way)

We often have the choice on how we behave. To scream at people who did wrong, or to say “it’s okay, just don’t do it again”. To take revenge or to smile and say “at least it’s not as bad. it could have been worse”.I am glad the past had taught me much, to be tolerant, to understand people and their situations, and to listen better instead of constantly making my own opinions heard. I am opinionated in the things I strongly believe in, and I know others too are alike, having their own beliefs and opinions. But it’s always better for me to listen to others first before considering my own, perhaps I will learn something new out of it, from a different lens, from a fresh perspective. Which I did, gladly as listening definitely made me a better observer. If by lending a listening ear to friends and family in times of woes helps, I would be more than happy to do so.

No More Goodbyes


We sang, we laughed, we drank, we teared.
All in a night.
I am blessed to know you peeps.
Thanks for everything that I’ve experienced in this one memorable year.
You guys have taught me much and I will do my best to carry on this “siew keong” spirit wherever I go.
Sad to be leaving so soon.
But this is not goodbye. :)


幸福之语: 人生的两本存摺

如果存入「知足」, 對物質就不會過度追求, 因為「知足」必會「常樂」,會更加珍惜我們當下所擁有的;
如果存入「包容」, 心胸自然開闊,能讚美別人, 欣賞別人的優點,自己也會跟著成長;
如果存入「善解」,凡事能體諒別人,能為別人著想, 就不會跟別人斤斤計較;如果存入「感激」, 會使人懂得飲水思源,態度謙虛,與人相處和樂。


宝贝送的小花草每天都会提醒我, 自己像仙人掌一样坚强,像冷冻的花一样不管在什么状况之下都不易枯萎。谢谢你让我每天都觉得自己是那么的幸福。


With love,

No Sunshine, I’d settle for Greens

I loved the sunshine, but now it’s gone. :( 

It’s been a pretty gloomy-skied but peaceful day.
The head has been hurting since last week. Glad to have scheduled an energy-recharge session tomorrow. :)

Enjoyed the short solitude that I managed to dig out of lunch, and settled my ultimate cravings for the greens and cooler.


Strive for what you want, not what others want you to.

-Sabrina M

Did some deep thinking along the way and thought I should take off my citizen’s lens for a few days to see my homeland and its people from a different perspective. 

Envying Rube’s roadtrips with a social cause.

Just random penning of thoughts to remind me that I’m still alive. :)

With love,

Thank you for loving me

This birthday, I am thankful.
I am tremendously blessed to be showered by the love of family, friends and loved ones.
Thanks all for remembering, spending time to celebrate and loving me more than I have ever loved myself.

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. ~Marcel Proust

Deep down, I am sincerely touched by everything that everyone has done for me to make my special day a perfect one over the past 3 days.

Once again, thank you :)

With love,