Changes & Usuals

 Believe it or not, my very first science-fiction movie that really caught my attention was Transformer 2: Revenge of the fallen. Well, I was never a sci-fi fanatic for a start and prefers light-hearted movies as compared to the former. So when Minority Report was shown during NCT class, I did not really have a good feeling that it will be my cup of tea. I have heard of the movie and even saw the trailer back then, but it did not piqued my curiosity to catch it on screen.
Much to my surprise, I was totally absorbed into the plot of the story that I even went home for a second review. I guess there is always a first for everything in our lives.
And Steven Spielberg definitely lived up to his name as a renowned director! I have to admit that he does have a flair for making the dead comes alive in his films.

Come to think of it, I have learnt to open up my options in life. This might be a good start as new experiences come my way.

On a lighter note, spending a day at the beach is definitely a recharge to my life’s battery.
Topping up with a scrumptious meal at Sakae Sushi, oh what a fine, fine day! 🙂


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