Shells of Many Kinds!

Just had an awesome dinner at East Coast Park an hour ago.

We haven’t met up in ages! And I’m so glad that we finally did. 🙂

Lets see.. our scrumptious menu included BBQed Chicken wings, Sambal sotong, LaLa, Gong Gong, Cockles, Sambal Shellfish, Sambal stingray, satay, fried oyster egg and sugar cane drinks to quench our thirst after all the heaty food. All these shared amongst Jasmine, Daniel, Sam, Pepe and me! Seriously, I had trouble gobbling down the last bit of cockles. I really wonder how Jas could manage all these exact dishes with just Felix alone. WOW. 

Anyway our next session will be crabs at Chomp Chomp! woots! Hope I can make it! 

And Sam! Thanks for the ride home. Haha. I’ll make sure to check the directory next That is if you are still willing to drive after today’s excursion.


Bloated but happy 🙂


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