Second Life, Habbo Hotel and Skype invasion!

Second Life.

Ever wondered what it will be like to live in a 4 storey mansion with a huge swimming pool, or perhaps a beautiful castle in the woods, drive a posh convertible and race down the streets and fly through the sky with no flight devices? All these and more can be customized in your virtual life known as Second Life.

Second Life is a virtual world launched by Linden Lab on June 23rd 2003. Users can easily download the free client and interact with other users aka “Residents” in the virtual world. And the fun thing is, you can be whoever you want to be in this other life. Realize your dreams through your other-self, in this case the avatars created and customized by you. 

Due to age restriction, second life is preferably for those aged 18 and above as there are signs of mature content circulating there.

But the teens do have their own version to enjoy, known as Teen Second Life for users aged 13 to 17.

Second Life breeches the physical geographical barriers in real world and Residents can travel anywhere in the shortest time possible in this virtual world. You can be living in California and enjoy a “quick getaway” in Egypt within minutes! 

You can also find jobs in SL for your avatar and earn Linden money to buy things there. If not, every 250 Linden dollars made is equivalent to $US1 which many companies made use of this opportunity to earn profit. 

It is indeed a good place to test market for new business plans or products before the launching in the actual world. 
In SL, you can interact with people all over the world and live the life you dreamed of . Yes. Literally “in your dreams”.

There are about 1200 businesses operating in SL and some companies includes National Geographic, Reuters and Ben & Jerry.

In a recent article, National Geographic held a presentation virtually last week to discuss ways which NatGeo can use new media to help inspire people to care more about the planet at the New Media Consortium’s Symposium for the Future in SL.

These are one of the cool stuff that you can do in SL if you are part of an organisation there. You can hold conferences with the “colleagues” there, have events, campaigns and competitions for avatars to participate in.

Moving on, Habbo Hotel is similar to that of SL but that is if you prefer the pixilated version. Graphic wise, SL is definitely way much better.

Habbo Hotel is a social networking website for teenagers to hang out, owned and operated by Sulake Corporation. It began in year 2000 with over 118 million avatars registered. There are communities, rooms and games for users to play in Habbo Hotel and users get to meet celebrities, share a room with people of the same interest and exchange information on what they know regarding a topic or just to socialize there.

Habbo also introduced a new application called Bobba Bar for young adults so as to reach out to more people.

But after gaming for a couple of years, I personally prefer 3D images over the rest. 🙂

SKYPE! Instant and live communication without geographical barriers.

Skype is an internet application that allows voice calls over the internet. It is similar to that of  Windows Live Messenger / MSN except that MSN do not allow such calls to be made to mobiles or landlines. However, Skype do charge for such calls other than those within Skype accounts.

As demonstrated on this video, it shows how Skype can be efficiently used in communicating with your loved ones when they are not physically with you.

Skype allows conferencing of up to 25 different people and you can show the other party what you are doing on your computer screen. It is as if they are just looking over your shoulders! 

The best thing about Skype is that it is instant and free! So save up on your exploding bills and get a webcam + microphone (if you do not have one) and start skyping! 🙂

Many thanks to Caster, Carissa and QQ for sharing interesting information regarding the above topics. 🙂


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