It’s been a while!

Holla! I’m back 🙂

It has been a rather busy first week of internship. Nearly everday starts from 8.45am to 7.3opm.

It is because there are just too many things to do in such a short time.

Currently working on translations for a chinese cartoon animation. Which practically takes up more than 200% of my time at work. On the brighter side, I can watch anime without fear of getting any scolding! x)

Unfortunately there’s like over a hundred of episodes to be completed within 2 weeks. So yes! I’m ultra busy with them. But the reason why I’m kind of procrastinating now is perhaps I’ve killed millions of brain cells over this project and needs a good rest.LOL. But I’ll be fine tomorrow 🙂

My week end was fun plus work!

Saturday – Garnier Event Ad Shoot

Went down to the Mimolette at Turf City for a Garnier Event with the crew and fellow colleagues & friends from Han Productions 🙂


There was a competition held then, which I’m pretty sure many girls are aware of…about skintone comparison after using Garnier products.


It was a cloudy day which gave us opportunities to take some pretty pictures!


There are beautiful horses everywhere! Especially this one on top! It’s those which you can see in Old English Film, super cute!

Got to mingled around with the participants and the crew. Talked to the host of the day – PeiFen. She’s very nice! And pretty too 🙂 Unfortunately I didn’t get to stay for the entire shoot cuz I’ve gotta spend the rest of my weekends in Batam! Woots! But I did managed to get shots of Peifen…somehow..haha..

Hardship of an artiste - spending hours doing makeup!

Jo desperately trying to be in the same picture as Peifen.LoL.

I left around noon for my next destination – Batam!

I was rather looking forward to this trip as I can’t wait to see my beloved cousin and how fast he’d grown!

Will upload my Batam trip another day…my eyes  are shutting..Yawn..

Nites People 🙂


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