Why Buzz?

Cuz I’ve been extremely busy as a BEE!!! BUZZZZZ!

Everyday has been packed to every minute..well almost. But I’m enjoying the moments so far πŸ™‚

Even though production is kinda hard as there are many datelines and details to remember but it has its interesting side too. Like going down for shoots, doing scripts, gawping at celebrities (nah, kidding!) hahaha..

Well, I’ve been travelling to Mediacorp alot lately, and on the recent trip yesterday, I bumped (no I don’t know them in person) into Sylvia and Sezairi (Sg Idol finalists) on my way in! Oh and Sezairi was indeed a gentleman to hold the door to the reception for me. And I saw how the receptionist got real fanatic over them.LOL. Ok..I was quite amused at that sight. But had toΒ drag myself back to working mode and rush off as soon as I’ve reached. 😑

Anyway, I’ve found out that once I reached Mediacorp, I had a time limit of 10 min or less before my return trip comes. And for the 2 days I’ve missed it!!! So poor me, I had to wait for a full 15-20 min for the next one to come. Under the scorching sun, it seemed like donkey years~ >.< So far, my best timing for the entire trip is 45min. Wonder if I could beat that…perhaps if I drive there I might be faster. Haa.

Boss Pam was very nice to give us a Christmas present each, even though I’ve just joined the company for only 1 & half week! πŸ™‚

Daniel Ong was real funny rushing off today!

Okays, that’s all for today. Gonna be another busy day on the morrow. Gambatte ylingz!


3 thoughts on “BUZZZZ!

    • HELLO my dear!!!
      Yeahhh I miss the office and your presence!haha..
      But I’ll be back on Mon! πŸ™‚ and gone again on to finish the shoot 😑
      Jiayou Jiayou!!!! x)

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