Nouveaux amis

Currently assigned to a shoot for a slimming centre and have been returning home rather late due to over-running of schedules. But that did not dampen my spirit as I got to meet new people like Yeling the nomadic-lookalike camerawomen, Jacqueline the pretty and humorous director, the beautiful therapists Karen, Dewi and Oscar, our talent Tammy, and the only two guys who were allowed into the shoot without getting shot…haha..Lau and Shaun. I learnt loads from all these friendly people whom are interested in different genres of production as well as are very outdoorsy!

Jacqueline &me!

Yeling & Yenling!

Lau hard at work

Shaun stoning.LOL.

My notes of time codes


A corner of the set

My tired pair of legs

Looking for angles

Of course, I never fail to pamper myself with good meals after work. Ok, maybe the pampering wasn’t done by me exactly. But I did take my pick 🙂 but I’ll leave that to another post.

On top of that, Orchard, especially Ion has become my hangout this entire week. Haven’t been to that part of Singapore for uber long. And now I am to enjoy an entire week there. Haha.

Bumped into my TKG junior too, Amelia.OMG. she became stunningly beautiful till I’m quite stunned.Haha. Well on a closer look, she does have Fann’s aura. And I thought at first it was some celeb shopping at Ion! Glad that you are looking very fine indeed girl. 🙂

And I got a Burberry Brit!!!! Thank you pepe!!! Comes with an elegant cosmetic pouch ❤ It adds on to my collection of Burberry Touch. 🙂 Unfortunately my wrist can’t accomodate any watches with any interface sizes, if not I would have gotten the nice dark Bb watch. I shall consider the LV one though. It looks nice on the panel outside the store. Were late by few minutes and the security there were chasing customers that were making their way in. Another day perhaps. 🙂

 I’ll be back on Tues, Orchard! 🙂

Wuhan shoot on Mon:)


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