My Weekly Rendezvous 2 – Japanese Cuisines @ Orchard Ion

14 Dec 2009 – Bachmann Japanese Restaurant
16 Dec 2009 – Pastamania
17 Dec 2009 – Watami Restaurant
18 Dec 2009 – Fish n Co
Woots! What a week of great food! Anyway just wana introduce the two new Jap restaurant at Ion Orchard – Bachmann and Watami! Both have uber long queues in the evening! We had to queue for a very long time before they let us in. But it was worth the wait because the food is ultra-delicious! Unfortunately for Watami they don’t carry unagi which I learnt to love eating it after knowing pepe 🙂
Prices are quite reasonable with meals ranging from $10+++ onwards depending on what you eat.
I’ll let the pictures do the talking…enjoy! 🙂
Bachmann Japanese Restaurant

Seafood Miso Ramen


Hot & Spicy Ramen


Ice Green Tea


Shishamo!!!!! ❤



Watami Restaurant

Gyunyu Udon



Cassis Orange







Mango Strawberry Daifuku!

Do visit them if you are free! 🙂

Obviously the shopping will come after food, visited Burberry & Longchamp for my pending stuff. LV was closed by the time I reached 😦 . Next time…next time~

Wii vs Canon EOS 7D~hmmmmmmm………

what a tough decision to make..i shall sleep on it. haa.


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