All in a Day

Finally, it’s the end of the 6-days shoot!
Will gonna miss the director and crews.
Unfortunately, I made a mistake which caused trouble for one of the crew.
Felt extremely guilty for that. 😦
I’m sorry Foo, cuz of my ignorance and a voluntarily act of kindness, became a disaster for you. I hope you won’t take it to heart… 😡
 As usual, pepe made my day better. Went for a meal at Ajisan Ramen 🙂
We intially entered Sakae, but I had a change of appetite as Sakae does not offer a wide range of ramen and I was craving for something spicy, so before we could make any orders of food at Sakae, We left the place with a bill of $2.40 – for hot green tea.
Everyone – the waiter and cashier were stunned and kept doubting us as if the receipt was fake.LoL. This is the cheapest bill I’ve had in a restaurant!



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