Happy 2010!!

How’s your NYE? Mine was awesome!!!!!!

My new year started with a great surprise frm pepe…who appeared with my new 7D during dinner!!! ❤
i swear i wasn’t expecting it so soon…after the “disappointing” phone call frm him few hours ago…haa

On top of that, Pam managed to get us complimentary tickets to Countdown @ Marina Bay!!! But we ended up at Marina Barrage…haha..long story for another time. :p anyway, it was a great night celebrating NY with sooo many people!

We caught the chipmunks before counting down at the theatre too 🙂
The downside was that it was a rather rushy evening as I gotta work full day when I already planned activities for the entire day itself… 😡 oh wells…that was 2009, no point crying over what’d happened.

It’s 2010!!!!!woots!
And to start it off, I went on exploring new places like the lonnnng treetop trail at Alexandra road and tried walking all the way up to Mt Faber! Unfortunately it started pouring halfway through before we even reached the Henderson Waves which was quite a pity 😡 Well we’ll be back to conquer it soon! x)


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