With time comes revalation

With time comes revelation,
Time, a miracle, a disaster.
Time can bring two strangers together and can tear two people apart
Time can let us see the beauty of life
Of course not forgetting the ugly side.

With time, I have witnessed the becoming of strangers to friends
With time I have seen the true self of many including myself
With time I have realized the importance of certain people in my life and the redundancy of some
With time, I have encountered ugly distancing
Which somehow doesn’t matter anymore
With time I have realized I have missed some presence and dread others

With time, I’m glad it’s not to late to reinstate my trust,
Cuz time has revealed many secrets to me.


4 thoughts on “With time comes revalation

  1. thanks sh! 🙂 i will, don’t wry 🙂

    QQ: yea..but i think not as bad as what i’ve been thru i guess.haaa..anw im ok now 🙂 our meetup did a great deal of healing to me 🙂

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