Something different

Had to wake up slightly early for an appointment. Nope, not in any offices nor cafe… But right on top of Telok Blangah Hill, at the old abandoned Alkaff Mansion.
No entry signs were prominent everywhere. Had a rather hard time finding our way there and to the entrance where the petrol guard was supposed to meet.
The place was rather dilapidated with broken windows and leaves-covered floors. Creaking stairs and wooden planks too, to add on to the chilly part. But apart from that, it contains a tinge of vintage and reinessance mixed. A very beautiful place indeed.
Regretted not bringing my baby out for a de-rot therapy.
The walk there was pretty uncomfortable with the scorching sun and on a work basis. But I’m glad I’ve finally got to see the actual building that piqued my curiosity when I first saw it on the site.

Had a great lunch n dinner with pepe after the long day. Well not long enough as compared to my near- immortal supervisor. Really take my hat off to her constant diligence.

Tml gonna be a real long day for me… Toodles!


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