One year older, all the more wiser

Had my cards and fortune read

Unexpected results.

But it is definitely better than what I had expected. Much more.

Lots of planning to be done

Hope things will be smoother after “the day”

But things are definitely looking up for someone else J

A year of lessons – learnt. Unforgettable

I have seen responsibilities taken and shirked off nonchalantly

I have witnessed the superficiality of some which has penetrated so deeply that it has already become a part of them.

I have encountered people who can ditch their pride and inamorato for riches

I have stood by those who persevered and eventually got what they deserved – lifetime mentor, friends, career, happiness and fortune.

I have regrets

Regrets for knowing some people
Regrets for not knowing some earlier
Regrets for being too trusting
Regrets for not realizing earlier

Although I know problems will arise or continue for ages
I will have complaints
But I will take it in my stride
Because of my reckless decision that brought upon such catastrophe
I will learn to bury the past behind
To be tolerant and forgiving
Like said, a mild but hot temper I have,
I will NOT release it over minute matters
I will believe in myself
I will believe in us
We will work towards our goal
Hand in hand, for a better future
Evident to the rest.

Destiny, here we come 🙂


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