Away from all woes…

Well, it’s been a long time since a proper update, so since I am slacking my weekends away, let me do some updating on my cobwebs-covered blog πŸ™‚

Those who have known me for ages will know that I detest being cooped up at home and enjoys the outdoors. Be it strolling, shopping, nature trekking…and sooo, thanks to Pepe and his brothers~ I picked up a new hobby! Taadah~ Fishing!

I used to think that fishing is a waste of time, you have to wait by the rod the entire day and eventually ends up with nothing. But I’m wrong. Fishing trains my patience. And it helps me calm down and keeps me from worrying over all other problems that involves the complications of society, relationships, etc. And! It’s the best time to spend with friends! No more gushing over Guccis, LVs, Pradas, who’s got a richer boyfriend as ATM and who’s got a new ATM, and the list goes on. See, it never ends.Β 

That is why sometimes the beauty of life is life itself. Not the materials, the papers, etc.

Anyway, here are some pictures taken on a recent fishing trip to Ubin. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to join the guys for a second one out at sea on the boat. *pout*

Live prawns for the fishes~


Now I know the reason why this sign is up there.LOL.

The three brothers all concentrated on tying their fishing lines.

PS: i finally learnt the simple knot!!!

Old uncle forgot how to tie.LOL.


finally, it’s my turn!
Some marine animals that we caught: includes a squid, an eel, a fish, and some kind of animal that stays amongst the corals.

There! Even though most of the time we were just feeding the fishes there with our prawns but we enjoyed the wait for the fishes to bite, watch our fishing rods tingle, and reeling in our “rewards” haha. But most of them were thrown back into the sea except the fish. If it can’t be eaten, why still kill it?

Looking forward to our next fishing outing. Perhaps another location? πŸ™‚





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