Up and About

“Rush”, “Haste”, and words related had become a part of me.

Been busy aliasing with people, doing loads of planning, organizing, designing, and sourcing. Whew. Finally, I can see a source of light leading me down the path. But I am still not too sure about going down there entirely, restricted by concerns obviously. 

There’s something that never changes in me, giving myself a better picture to convince myself that it will work out. Even if it doesn’t. Well, yesterday proves to be rather promising..so we shall see what comes next.

that reminds me…have to contact SP for that and collect cert!!!

Didn’t feel like attending the graduation ceremony…to me there wasn’t really a need though, after all it’s not a degree graduation.hah. perhaps I have too high an expectation of myself. Anyway I’m officially out into the University of Society. So hopefully I will grad from here with flying colors.



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