Gentle sea breeze accompanies the calm serenity…then a tug of the rod, wait….slowly….reel in slowly….then give a hard tug!

This is fishing, a test of patience and tolerance.

I used to find fishing a bore, even before trying it out for myself.

“What’s so fun about fishing? You just sit there the entire day waiting for the fish to bite. Not exciting at all! I still prefer my basketball….” On and on I went on about how I dislike fishing.

Well, that was before. But now, with a clique of fishing buddies and pepe, I started looking forward to every fishing trips planned.

The preparation was tedious, with live baits to be bought at markets early in the morning. For catching crabs, fish heads has to be left overnight for it to rot before using it as bait.eww, stinky..I’ve yet to have a go at preparing such stuff as these are often managed by the good gentlemen in my clique. 🙂 Thanks guys.

Anyway, there’s still the tying of lines, hooks, weights, etc. before the real fishing begins. And it’s all about patience.

Fishing spot 1: East Coast Park Bedok Jetty
My very first fishing spot I went. There were loads of a same type of fish with pointed mouths, in chinese, they called it Jian Zhui Yu. We caught loads and brought home to fry them. Yum yum.

Fishing spot 2: Pulau Ubin
There were loads of different species of fish there. I overheard some even caught stingray there! We caught a squid, catfish and some other edible fishes too.

Fishing spot 3: A friend’s friend’s kelong
This is a superb spot to fish. Groupers, Ka Chi, flower crabs, you name it, they have it! Unfortunately, I can’t reveal the location as it is private.

Fishing spot 4: Woodlands Waterfront
Not a good location for fishing. Only saw some older fishermen fishing taman for leisure. And the tamen “period” only lasts for a couple of hours…practically sat there doing nothing much the entire time.
However I did see some huge fishes swimming pass…perhaps they were too clever for us leisure fishermen…no bite for tt day.

That’s all for now fishies!<3


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