So infuriating!

Seriously, is it so hard to just be responsible for your own actions?

Just met with an issue which shows exactly an example of an irresponsible adult trying to shirk his or rather their responsibility and in turn push the blame onto us.

Firstly, as an adult, you are talking like some three year old kid whom cries mommy when people say that you are responsible for your own wrongdoings. Secondly, the issue concerns infringement of certain laws and yet you act like you own the entire universe and brush it off just because you claim you are rich and nothing can get to you. Fine. Unfortunately I doubt you can even save your own A*S*S* this time.

Thirdly, the worst insult of all time, is that he claim we’re threatening him just merely by stating the facts from the statutes of Singapore and terms and conditions of certain brands/companies. How ridiculous! If so you claim that you are all rights and none wrongs, you won’t even be threatened in the first place. Seriously, some adults can just be so thick-headed, thinking that they’ve lived a few years longer, that they know the right from wrong, the salt from sugar. By the way, if you do, you wouldn’t even be facing such issues NOW.

Out of concern and that we might be pulled into this whirlpool of trouble, we nicely told them to leave. But things turned ugly due to the loudspeakers announcing to their public and off they did the first tattle-taling to their supposed “authorities” and when confronted for supporting evidence, they merely shrugged off my question and even demanded an answer from me. Oh so I could also say that I feel threatened by his raised voice and menancing build/ action? hmm…sounds ok to a girl but too “ku niang” when it comes out from a guy.So, there’s actually a proper reason why empty vessels make the most noise. Haaa.

ok, I was almost laughing hysterically when i watched them battle their way out trying their best to convince themselves when the others stood by and looked on with amusement. GAWD. If only they knew what the rest of the audience were thinking. I bet the first thing they would do is to dig a hole and yeah, HIDE! Guess what, they even accused us of blowing the matter up and making a big fuss…EXCUSE ME, please get your facts or history-that-happened-seconds/minutes-ago RIGHT.

ok enough for the juicy. Just a beautiful Sunday turned ugly by some….nincompoops. So not worth it.

Just hope the right authorities will eventually find them and deal with them… HARD. I can’t believe I’ve just wasted my Sunday on such people.

This post is written purely in my own opinion and based on facts that actually happened. If any one else heard smth similar but perhaps different version of facts, please tell that person to get a lie detector for the informer.


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