The Month of Happiness

November is my most joyous month in this year 2010!
Mom actually spent an entire day with me, bearing the long walking distance and we actually combed the entire Orchard Road shopping like tai-tais. All just for a cousin’s wedding dinner! wow. Oh wells, I managed to find a pair of HAUTE stilettos!!! Loves!
Till today I still can’t believe that as I’ve hardly spent any time shopping with her alone since…, lest an ENTIRE DAY!

So far there were two weddings already and Meiyun had finally given birth to her lil’ princess! Awwww…
Pepe and I went to visit her the very next day at the hospital…the princess was soooo dainty!

I’m hoping for better things to come our way this month… 🙂
It is indeed a great feeling to share our joys and happiness with others! ❤

Yes, I’m still as busy..haha..oh wells, at least I’m back to blogging, which I chose previously to procrastinate every other time as I have too much thoughts and it would be a burden to pen them all down here…nonsensical indeed.
Working on a project with Changi Prison…many many more designs to go!!!

 All random stuff which im having difficulty piecing them together due to destruction of too many brain cells thanks to the late nights and early mornings!

OH! I did a test regarding about the chronological age and the actual age which your body is in…guess what!? I’m still own the body or rather, internal organs of a young teenager! wow. unfortunately pepe gotten a double-his- chronological age for his actual age based on the test.LOL.oh dear,something must be done!
The test was rather interesting as it is promoting something related to cell therapy…with products similar to that of Zell-V…
But since im in the group most, if not all wish to be in..then i guess i just have to maintain my current habits and perhaps add in a few more exercising routines..hahha..i can feel my flabs..even if I can’t see them.. 😡

Alritey…i’m kinda dozing off while typing..-.- till next time peeps!



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