It has always been an inside issue that I am sure all, if not most of us are fighting with. It is just a matter of whether if the issue lies with ourselves or with others.

I often have this thought “Is it easier to convince myself? Or is it easier convincing others?”

Often many times we like to give other people whom do not know us well, the impression of someone whom we are not. Call it superficial or perhaps good PR skills.
And then we tend to believe that the person is in fact, who we are.
We lead that lifestyle for another decade of our lives and then suddenly it just dawned on us that.. Hey..”it’s not me!”
that’s when identity crisis comes in and time to call the emergency hotline…
Be it bffs, bfs, family, cat, dog pr whoever closest and starts demanding an answer out of them.

It is in fact hard to accept the fact that we are not who we are. Then the easiest way out is to continuing hiding behind the facade as it is always stronger than the inner self.

What most fail to realize is that…though the inner self may be weak in some areas, that is because it is a piece of unpolished raw gem.
You have grown so accustomed to your hermit shell that you’ve totally forgotten all about the precious body that keeps you alive and kicking.
And when you remember, then it is time to be a real “crab” about it and start the polishing job on your new armour and leave the hermit shells for others. Only then, you’ll be your true self and start learning in a new light.

Like I’ve said earlier, it’s harder to convince oneself than to convince others. Because you choose not to believe in yourself whilst other choose just to easily accept whom you portray yourself to be.

Something to munch on…



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