Channel U – FunaMania!!!!

This entire week was full of fun and activity, of course not forgetting hardwork!

One memorable event I attended on 26th November 2010 was the Channel U party – FunaMania @ Zouk.
Thanks to Pam, we had our hands on V.I.P. tickets to FunaMania!!!! Now I’m loving her loads..haha..of course not forgetting dearie ShiHui too! ❤

The day itself was rather packed as I had to rush all over Singapore for events… 😡 But the day ended exceedingly well with ShiHui, JiaYing, Pepe and I at the party! Haven’t been that relaxed and chillex with friends for a verry looooong time! Thank you girls!! 🙂

Felt so priviledged walking down the red carpet for VIPs! There was a super long queue outside pending for entrance. So glad that I’m not queuing in my heels. But felt sad cuz they were there to join the party too, but took a longer time for clearance. 
Anyway the party started with celebrities, games, and loads of paparazzi.
The games were rather entertaining with Dai Yang Tian, Elvin Ng, Vivian Lai and Yvonne Lim dancing with their fans.
I took some vids but couldn’t upload here. 😦 Shall post it on Facebook anyway..haa..

After the entertaining programmes, everyone was rushing off to get a glimpse of their favourite celebs, snapping them if they can get to
Luckily for us, we had the VIP tickets!!! Which entitled us to the VIP area cordoned off from the frenzy crowd.

And Taadaa!~


Had lotsa fun cam-whoring with the girls n celebs 🙂

Looking forward to more parties!!!! ❤



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