New Hong Kong Scam

Recently I’ve just heard that new scam cases are on the rise again. Just a week ago, my mom actually warned me of scam calls calling from Chinese-speaking people saying that a family member has been abducted. Apparently a friend of hers had received such calls. Come on. It’s old news already. Why can’t these chinese scammers give up and use new gimmicks?

Well, they did, not so new, but hardly heard of unless you really dig out records of scams. Which I did.

My case went back to the mid of 2010. Last year.
I received a call from this nice friendly lady who invited me to an event, surprisingly, they even knew which venue is available in Singapore for doing events! Yup, the supposed roadshow was at the Heart of Shoppers’ Paradise, Orchard Road. She gave me this registration number which I was suppose to hold on to and attend the event on the day. She told me to approach her at the counter to verify my identification to take part in the lucky draw.
Well, I was busy then so I did not bother to attend and god knows when I would really win a lucky draw. It took me ages of blue moon to win like a small 4D ticket. So I’ve thrown this call to the back of my head with the rest of the non-important stuff.

Recently, I just received a call from the same lady! She actually told me I was called out during the event by an emcee announcing that I’ve won a 25 days trip.
Firstly,I dont remember going for the event.
Secondly, I definitely don’t remember registering for any lucky draw.
Thirdly, wow, they actually take the time out to do follow up for half a year. This is what we call… baiting. 

Wow, what a loooooong trip. Like who on earth can have the time out to go travelling for a month!? Especially when I’m holding a full-time job. She claimed that she tried calling me a couple of times and failed to get to me. And that the prize was wayyy long overdue in claiming. The trip was supposed to start on 18th March though. So she wanted to ask if I’m interested to go on this trip which was supposedly worth SGD100K. -.- How expensive is that?!
So I said, no I have to check my schedule and get back to you again. When I was about to put down, she then quickly added in that if I do not want to go on the trip, I could exchange for cash which adds up to SGD$80,ooo.
Even 4D or Toto couldn’t get me that kinda money! Being weary that it is a scam call, I decided to entertain her for a while.

She gave me the website, the telephone number of the company and the address of the company. Even gave me my member ID with a login password to show that I actually won the prize. Let me show you below.

There wasn’t like a list of real names but just ID numbers which they give you to check your prize.
Wow, for the person who won a ferrari! Too bad the car’s not gonna get to him/her in any way.

Me: “So, how are you gonna transfer that amount of money to me?”
Her: ” If you wish to convert to cash, I could do all the paper work and get approval (from some Hong Kong Authority) and then we can do a bank transfer to you through our HK Corporate Bank Account.”
Me: “Oh, bank account transfer! (How convenient. I’m not gonna give you my acct num that easily.) Oh ok, How about, you issue me a cheque and send to me instead?”
And then she repeat the same thing above to me again. Hello. I know you wanted bank transfer. But I want a FREAKING CHEQUE instead!
Me: “Tell you what, you can issue me a cheque, send to the HongKong Embassy in Singapore and I can collect from there,I can show all my verification articles to the people working there.”
Her: “We don’t issue cheque. Miss, if you are unsure about this winning, I know it’s a huge sum (you’re damn right), so if you feel unsafe, you could register for an empty bank account and give me the account number instead. Then you won’t have any loss in terms of monetary values. ” (There are more losses than monetary values you airhead!Like my personal details?!)
Me: “You know what, how about calling me abit later while I check for my account number. I dont have it with me now.”
Her: “Sure, I’ll call you back later!”

So meanwhile, I did some research on the all so resourceful internet and contacted the Government of Hong Kong (Companies Registry Department) to verify for the company. Guess what I’ve found?haha..

1) Hong Kong Scam Alert 2007 (Similar case)
2)Who Calls me? (I’ve made a report regarding that number. So far no one has reported it yet but it’s a wonder why all scam numbers are similar.)

The Companies Registry in Hong Kong will get back to me when they have any findings. Meanwhile I have to wait for their report.

And so, few minutes later, she called again. This time, I made my boyfriend pick up, pretending to be my dad.
Her: “Hi, May I speak to YL please.”
Bf: ” Hi, YL is busy at the moment, may I know who is this?”
Her: “I’m calling from YanXin Electronic Technology. But it’s ok, I can call back later.” (So eager to hang up!)
Bf: “Hold on, I’m her dad. I heard from her with regards to her winning of some lucky draw in your company. May I know what company is this? Where are you registered? Do you have any legal registration number for this business?”
Her: “I’m from Hong Kong Yan Xin Electronic Technology CO. Ltd. We have branches all around the world, in Hong Kong, Shen Zhen, Beijing, Tokyo, ShangHai…Hong Kong is our main office. Oh our address is stated on the website. ”

(notice that she deliberately left out the registration number part)
BF: “And what about your company’s registration number? Are you legally registered in Hong Kong or China?”
Her: ” Our company is a Hong Kong company. You mean our address? I’ve just told you.” (Cleverly avoiding again)
BF: ” Do you have any company registration number? Every company have a registration number in Hong Kong. I went to check and there’s no such company in the government website. Please answer my questions.”
Her:  “We are a registered company in Hong Kong. I have no idea why you can’t find it on the Government website.” (Obviously cuz you’re a hoax!)
BF: “We’ve informed the Hong Kong Authorities about your company. Should it be a legal company we will know.”
Her: “When did you inform the Authorities? (suddenly she started to panic)”
BF: “2days ago”
Her: “Ok, I will check with my boss and give you a call later.” (And she hung up. Never to call back again.)

I won’t be surprised if the webpage will be down within 24 hours.

One thing abt HongKong /China scammers – they will ALWAYS use back the same tactics.
Also, come on, Hong Kong citizens speaks in Chinese with a strong Cantonese accent. And what I heard from the background was all Pure Chinese speaking China women.
Oh and they are more high-tech now. They have a functioning website!!! Looks like a real one though. Just that, when they say member login, they didnt have a place for member sign-up. -.- And prize winning part, no pictures of prizes that are won. At least upload the nice ferrari lah! Don’t even know who’s sponsoring the trip to Antartic Island. Don’t even knw who will go lor. The holiday plan is like soooo far-fetch. Like a 25 days survivor series.. -.-
They even have a shopping cart! wow. But I doubt your items will ever arrive in SG when you purchase. Probably just to get your particulars, acct numbers & credit card number.

So dear friends, pls beware of such scams. They are getting smarter as human beings are getting greedier. Never be tempted especially when they say they are from overseas companies. There’s a reason why you don’t win lucky draws from Apple, Samsung or Microsoft and instead from China-sounding companies, coincidentally all based in Hong Kong.



12 thoughts on “New Hong Kong Scam

    • Yes indeed. I seriously wonder why people in China even bother to continue such scams when nearly everyone in Singapore is aware of their existence. And how they’d even survive doing such “services”…but they are always around to remind humanity of greediness and the consequences to pay.

  1. i just receive the call not long ago , they said that , they are not from scam company , if they were a scam they will be caught, and wont be calling other people about the 25-days prize winning. i think of reporting to singapore authorities.

    • Yup, that’s what they told me too. They are quite insistent that they are not scammers. And they will keep asking for your particulars especially bank account number But when I told them we’ve approached the authority to check on their company, before giving them the info, they never call me back again. Till today, I have yet to receive any calls from them.

  2. …i received a called from hong kong rui tai electronics. Website is . Is really keep brainwashing people’s mind to believe them and making u to fall in their trap. The person told me I won a 15 days trip to Europe ( pairs, France ,etc ) worth HK$60k+ and I told the person to convert it to cash instead of the ticket. And she called me back the next day. Said that it is possible but for every HK$1000 , I will receive only HK$880.

  3. i received a call from Chun Shui Tang 私人有限公司, saying that i have won a SGD 108,000. I wanted to play along and see what they say is true. let’s monitor and see what happens. they asked me for a bank account number which, i incidentally gave. but well, i didn’t release any further information though.

    • Thanks Joke Jong, hope this can help to keep people in the loop and not fall to victims to such scams. Do keep me updated on their replies as they (the scammers) always seem to forever come up with excuses for their ruthless “business”

  4. New update. They will send someone to hypotise you and get your contact. Subsequently, calls came in. So one must stay focused..

  5. Please stay alert and focused. Whenever busy or stress, do take time to do some reflection. Dun always work and “cheong”. I lost everything.. Please give me encouragement.

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