From the WikiHow’s guide to : How to Play a Prank in 7 Steps.

  1. Observe. Look at your surroundings. Decide where the best place is to play the prank, and where risky areas are.
  2. Expand. Take that first prank you had in mind and expand it into something bigger, better, and more clever than your first prank. Think about how you can do certain steps in a more clever way.
  3. Plan. For most small pranks you can skip this step. For bigger pranks, however you’ll want to plan the time and place. For even bigger ones, you might even have to make a small map. Make sure your prank is harmless, other than making the other person slightly irritated.
  4. Get your supplies ahead of time. This way you aren’t left wondering what you need or what you forgot. Having everything you need can allow the prank to be played correctly and be set up correctly.
  5. Be brave. This is it. You worked hard on planning this, you got the supplies, and you’ve mapped it out. No turning back now!
  6. Calmly execute the prank. If you are doing it to someone who is sleeping, don’t make noise. If you are doing it to someone face-to-face, refrain from laughing and talk to them calmly. If you are doing it to someone who is away, make sure they won’t be back for a while.
  7. Enjoy their reaction. Don’t be mean about it. Have yourself a good laugh and apologize to the person you did it to unless they’re laughing, too. Make sure they don’t stay mad.



  • Make sure you don’t hurt people, that’s not what this article is intended for. Just irritate them.
  • Don’t prank too often. Make pranks an every-once-in-a-while thing. They’re funnier that way.
  • If there is someone who gets extremely mad at pranks, don’t prank them. They might enjoy pranking with you.


Tired of a long, dreary day at work?
Start brain-juicing for the quickest prank to play!


This is an ultimate random post.
Anyway, I have my fair share of pranks since young, from putting a bee’s nest that was exterminated by the pest control on the teacher’s desk and between books, to dialing phone numbers & started talking weird to the other party on the line.
Pranks can cheer people up, it can irritate people too. But it should always end with just a good fun. Something more would be over doing it.

But somehow I’m still feeling guilty over some of the pranks I’ve played. But what’s done its done. And has become a memory to reminisce . So move on and think of better pranks to play next time. Hahaha..


P.s. Feeling rather quirky today. But the day’s tiredness is wearing me down as it hits the eleventh hour…
Another post for another day. 🙂






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