The Delicious or The Poison Apple : Gossips.

A raise of hands, how many people have been or are the victims of gossips?
Pretty sure everyone who’s reading this post.

Gossip is idle talk or rumour, especially about the personal or private affairs of others. It is one of the oldest and most common means of sharing facts and views, but also has a reputation for the introduction of errors and variations into the information transmitted. The term can also imply that the news is of personal or trivial nature, as opposed to normalconversation.

As it has been a part and parcel of our lives, many see gossips as a form of entertainment, a way of bonding, if not , just a mere term of acceptance into a certain group or society.

Gossip can have many uses:
It can be harmless coffee talks where people engages in exchanging information about others which they know of.
It can be small talks to keep a conversation going.
Or, it can be the silent killer that locks itself on the targeted  and not cease even after thou unknown death.

Gossip can:

According to research by Mary Gormandy White, a human resource expert, she teaches how to identify the tell-tale signs of gossips especially at workplaces.

  1. When animated people suddenly hits the silent button
  2. The staring starts at the targeted

She also suggests 5 tips on how to deal with gossips:

  1. Rise above the gossips
  2. Understand the cause or what fuels the gossip
  3. Avoid participation in gossips
  4. Allow the gossips to die down
  5. If it persists, gather facts and seek help
Peter Vajda however, on a more extreme note, identifies gossip as a form of workplace violence, noting that it is “essentially a form of attack. He says that gossip is used to empower oneself by disempowering another.
His impression of gossips:
  • Helps individuals learn social information about other individuals in the organization (often without even having to meet the other individual)
  • Builds social networks of individuals by bonding co-workers together and affiliating people with each other.
  • Breaks existing bonds by ostracizing individuals within an organization.
  • Enhances one’s social status/power/prestige within the organization.
  • Inform individuals as to what is considered socially acceptable behavior within the organization.
However, not everyone sees gossip as damaging.
In the reporters’ world: “Today’s gossip is tomorrow’s headline.
The media industry works in such a way that gossiping has become a norm, and it is worth millions when given a good scandal to follow up on.
It plays on the inquisitiveness of humanity, digging and questioning the morality and hidden facts of famous celebrities and personnels, so that people will actually pay a price to read up on these gossips.
It is just a sad notion that the society lives on gossips to survive. The News on television, gossip columns in newspapers, entertainment programs and even variety shows, all contains huge amounts of gossips to keep the viewers on the channels.
Many thinks that “Hey, it’s just a small gossip amongst friends. Nothing can come to harm.”
Think again.
The number of people who have died from gossip is uncountable each year.
e.g. A 12 year old boy died in York due to a Facebook gossip. (Click on link to read)
Enough of facts, I’m sure you guys can google them up. Let me give my viewpoints on GOSSIPING.
I do not deny that YES, I do indulge in occasional gossiping.
Come on, I am too a mere human being.
However it hits me that since I am the gossiper, I can just become the gossiped too.
And it sure don’t feel great having people talking behind your backs and hushed in silence when you walk by.
With regards to personal gossips, turning a blind eye/ear to such hogwash is the best solution and treatment.
I like to appear oblivious, and nonchalant about stuff.
Sometimes, I know more than what was openly spoken.
But what is the point of spreading rumors when someone named you a confidante.
Gossip is delicious. It can too be someone’s poison apple.
-something to munch on.-       Ylingz

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