Food Medz-ness! – 玲以食为乐!

“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” George Bernard Shaw

This entire week is solely dedicated to my most favorite hobby of all. Food!

Monday: some nice chinese restaurant near Chinatown

Tuesday: Thai Express @ Plaza Singapura


JY's portion

Seafood Otah

Wednesday: Watami Restaurant @ The Central

Miso Ramen

Thursday: Medz @ Orchard Central

Recommended by someone who hasn’t even tried it before and yet could tell that they serve great food.

Medz @ OC

The Marche-Style Card

The timer that beeps

Leaving no stones unturned.

Salteed Mushrooms

Rosti with ham


Seafood Paella

Oreo cake

1 for 1 beer

The bar

Boss thinking of what to have next

Friday: The Hand Burger

The Boss


The Big Boss


The Big Boss' shopping-bag-Carrier


Battered Dory Burger


Caesar Chicken burger




Ice Cream @ Charlie Brown Cafe


Ice Cream!!


Saturday: Spent a bomb today on Bobbi Brown & Longchamp!!!
Burnt an extra big hole in the pockets, but it’s time to have a good pamper session anyway. 🙂

Sunday: Bro’s POP day! Hope I can wake up in time for his parade @ The Floating Platform  – Marina Bay.


It’s gonna be Monday soon! Gotta enjoy the rest of the weekends!





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