Clipped Wings

The incidents that happened in recent weeks had taught me so much.
Humanity is cruel and rather… “bastard”.

When you are someone influential, people will come to you by all means, ride on your wings and fly with you without even knowing how to crawl on their own.
When you are nobody, or in difficulties, they will clip your wings, take away your freedom and fly on their own.Only turning back to blame you when they fall to their death from the great height just because they have no fundamentals from the beginning.

Standing from a neutral party, and from my own point of view as a woman, I see no reason why this particular incident will blow up to such an extreme extent.
For monetary purposes, to me, losing few thousands is nothing. As long as I am capable of working and earning , the money lost can be made back within months. Even when you willingly invested in trading or forex, no way can you get back your money when you burnt yourselves by picking the wrong stock. Lest more ridiculous, suing the forex / trading company.
For vested interest, the only way to win an opponent in business is to do better than him by openly competing in the same trade , not resort to such underhanded and despicable schemes. Be it a conspiracy or a mere misunderstanding that snowballed or that the accused is really such a person, I know for sure that 2 wrongs doesn’t make a right and that the innocent party/parties will reign victory eventually. Such child play is overly preposterous for me.

I’m just glad that I have been through this stage earlier in my years of doing business and will not be easily influenced in the ugly ways of humanity. I do not trust anyone at all 100%, not even the ones closest to me. But I know who’s right and who’s wrong , who’s good and who’s not. And I’m always right with my instincts.

But one thing I myself as a woman must say, the wrath of a woman is fatal.
Unfortunately, I have evolved through past experiences to someone who thinks like a man.
And somehow I dislike the company of females, especially a horde of them. God knows how their poisonous tongues can wag and do to you as I was once the victim of such poison talks.
At least a real man will confront you openly and directly should there be a problem and will demand it to be solved immediately.
Am glad and do not regret that most of my close buddies are guys, except for a countable few. Wonder how I’m getting married without a sisters’ group.-.-“‘

Anyway, am not involved and will not get myself involved. Will only speak the truth of what was witnessed over meals and meetups if there is a need. Should there be any discrepancies with my statements and others, then I am pretty sure it is definitely not my problem.

Just hope the day will come and go fast so that we can all move on with our hectic lives for such a trivial pea-sized hiccup. Definitely a case of making a mountain out of a molehill.

Time to rest for BBQ with my favorite guys and girl tml!!!! 🙂 I missed the good ole times where we clear shit together in the bottomless shithole. Hahahaha..




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