Cherish life like you should


It alway cheers me to be able to witness a beautiful sunset after a long day. It makes me feel fortunate that I have lived another day rather meaningfully this time around and look forward to the coming of the next day ahead.

Curiosity kept me moving ahead, wanting to learn more from the people around me as in the miniscule world of mine, the only way out is to explore at my own risk.
I am rather liking my current self though of course there are still things where I can improve on. But hey it takes time.

I am rather scattered in my thoughts recently and could not quite put them into a good piece of writing hence the random thoughts. Maybe I should start piecing the jigsaw puzzles in my life too. šŸ™‚

Anyway, I spent a gd weekend doing designs n furniture shopping. Procrastinated on the weekly cycling trip a bit due to sis’ strange scheduled timing of meeting friends. Hoping to resume next week though.

Have a great weekends!

With love,


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