Retail therapy: Fast & Furious

Went on a fast and furious shopping spree in Hat Yai,
Thailand and back! It was a very last minute getaway trip but I’m
glad it went well. We stayed at Centura Hotel, situated in the
midst of the bustling city. The ride there was rather arduous
though as I had to take a 12-hour coach ride in due to the lack of
night flights into the city. The seat was not the best but
comfortable enough for me to survive the ride in. I had to wake up
at stop points all over Malaysia with excruciating pain in my knee
joints though, due to the long hours of exerting stress on the poor
joints thanks to selfish passengers leaning their seats all the way
back leaving me no adequate space to maneuver around. Ah wells, it
was worth the ride when we reached the land of smiles in the early
morning. 20130713_09555820130713_103407 We had to unpack
within half hr as we had an minivan waiting exclusively for us to
drive us around to the various destinations. To start with, we did
some temples-visiting and it is always interesting to see the
places of worship in other countries. 20130713_120028 20130713_130223 Of course the family never
fail to end every religious trip with firecrackers for good luck.
๐Ÿ™‚ After which, it’s shopping time! There were so much to buy and
see in Hat Yai. It was my first time there, although it’s similar
to Chiang Mai, yet it is also different in its own way. We went to
a restaurant for lunch and I noticed there were 2 markings on the
pillars around. Later did I overheard a conversation between my
uncle and his friend saying that it was to remember the last two
floodings that happened. The markings represented the water level
of the flooding and boy, it nearly reached the ceiling of the first
floor. I had to stop myself from thinking about how the people fled
and the horrifying incidents that might have happened to those who
did not managed to escape in time. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ 20130713_150754 20130713_150920 20130713_174732 We toured around
the city in our minivan and later switched to the local “tuk tuk”
(taxi) to experience the lifestyle of a Thai. I loved popping my
head out of the tuk tuk to take in the city view as it moved. The
people, the shops, the streets….ah the culture. I also visited
the Hat Yai, Klong Hae Floating Market. They had
like a “bazaar” along a street which stretches to across the river,
and there are vendors on sampan boats selling their goods to
tourists and locals. Unfortunately I failed to have a good look at
some of the cuisines and souvenirs they were selling. This is
always the problem I had when I travel with a group of elderly
people who are fairly “well off” and have no liking for
“down-to-earth stuff”. -.- Anyhow, I will definitely go back there
again myself to explore the place. I managed to get some good buys
despite the hostile company, so yays! ^^ Going back to the more
urban area just outside the hotel where Lee Garden is situated, the
adults rushed to the malls like bees to flowers, and soaked
themselves in the midst of overpriced goods which can be found in
Singapore at a fairly cheaper rate. Seriously, people needs to know
how to travel smart. I scoffed at the prices and headed to the
local night markets and feed myself with the delicacies and snacks
before heading to dinner in a posh restaurant with the rest. Talk
about being a kampong girl.hahaha :p I took a flight home as
there’s still work the next day. Another 12 hour ride home would
definitely kill me given that it is only a 2 days trip. 20130714_135335 I love travelling and I am
definitely looking forward to my next trip! Till then, it’s back to
my hectic but fun and inspiring workplace for now. Toodles!
With love,


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