“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”- Mahatma Gandhi

“Change”, “Transformation”, “Shift”, “Development”…These words have been circulating around me for the past few months.

I sat by the bedside window thinking to myself, “What is change? How does change look like? How would I know if change has happened to me or my environment? How would I know if this change is for the better or worse?”

Despite the numerous persisting questions that are still swimming in my head, I firmly believe in one thing, that I must be the change I wish to see in the world. I wish for the world to be a more beautiful place where people could abandon their pride, egos and differences and come together to celebrate life.
Having seen viral videos on the social media platforms of humans mistreating one another, really breaks my heart to see that a life can be easily destroyed by another mankind. And yet nothing can be done about it. The dead cannot be brought back, the culprit escaped scott free. Where have all the compassion gone to?

In fact in this current society, when many of us are living the urban life in style and luxury, there are still many who are vulnerable and susceptible to societal and economic harms brought about by globalization. These people tend to live in a vicious cycle where they are unable to get out of unless someone gave them a hard pull or a helping hand to reconstruct their lives. But many a times, they are often the “forgotten ones”, left behind by the fast-paced forces of the modern humanity. Many a times, they give up trying as it is difficult for them to get back on their feet.


Sometimes, we just have to slow down, and take a look around. In my vision, I will always see wrinkled faces, handicapped loitering the streets basking or touting under the hot sun, facing discerning yet apathetic young faces who are unwilling to even drop a dollar coin into the box of the old ones despite earning thousands in their monthly salary. A dollar, may not seem much, but the theory of crowdsourcing has taught me well that if 10 people can contribute a dollar, the old man can easily settled at least 2 meals for the day.



Even while travelling, this is the common sight I see everywhere I go. Often I would empty my foreign shillings before leaving for home as it would be a while before I return to the same country, and I would probably forget to change it back to the local currency anyway. Why not make good use and make a difference in someone else’s life on a vacation. I’m sure it will make the trip more meaningful. Well, I hope to be able to do more than what an individual can do. I hope to explore too in this journey and see where and what it can brings me.

But firstly, I hope to start with changing the mindsets of people around me. Only when they believe in what I do and share with them, then would it work. The best way of changing is not forced unto people, it is to help them understand and believe that the change is worth doing and meaningful in their course of life. And the best way to spread change is through the most fundamental method of communication – word of mouth.


I sincerely hope with this in mind, I will be able to help make a difference in the lives of others.




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