Never thought I could break so easily.
Work has been crazy since my return from Perth. I’m practically struggling to keep afloat. And with the immense number of changes it’s pretty tough to keep a firm foot on things.

Everyday I wonder how long more I can tolerate. Everyday I keep praying and hoping things will get better. If not for the heart to serve, I would have given it up. I guess until I can firm up things and find another way to contribute back in a more meaningful way, this is my best choice by far.

Everyday I dread going to work to face the different politics happening. Why people just can’t work together peacefully? Why spend useless amount of time being political and end of the day creating an unpleasant work environment? Oh wells, I guess different people have different means of survival. Anyhow my eventual aim is to walk away from the suffocating system with knowledge and compassion, not a kpi churning machine. This is not a place for my kpi but nevertheless I will still do my best.

It will never be enough to satisfy my hunger for entrepreneurship.

Feeling distraught even on a getaway shows how much unnecessary stress I’m under. Let’s see how long more I can last.


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