It’s been awhile…

I’m announcing a good news. I’m done. I’m done with all the negativities in my life! Yes, I did it! 

Throughout the years, I’ve changed. I’m sure everyone will change due to the situation and environment they’re in, just a matter of to what extent. Some said I became more resilient, some said stronger, some could see that I’ve opened up, some said I’ve grown and surprisingly even said I’ve become heartless. 

No matter what people say, I know I’m not the same person 2 years ago. I’ve become more positive and learnt to treat people who treated me well and with sincerity better than before. For they were the ones who stood by me when I was down. Thank you my dear buddies. 

Those who chose to read me wrong, I have only one thing to say…

Yes, I’m tired of getting screwed over. Too many times. So…time to go! 2016 had been a year of revelations. 2017 will be an awesome year with awesome people around me. 😊 

Looking forward to more travels and yolo moments!