It’s been awhile…

I’m announcing a good news. I’m done. I’m done with all the negativities in my life! Yes, I did it! 

Throughout the years, I’ve changed. I’m sure everyone will change due to the situation and environment they’re in, just a matter of to what extent. Some said I became more resilient, some said stronger, some could see that I’ve opened up, some said I’ve grown and surprisingly even said I’ve become heartless. 

No matter what people say, I know I’m not the same person 2 years ago. I’ve become more positive and learnt to treat people who treated me well and with sincerity better than before. For they were the ones who stood by me when I was down. Thank you my dear buddies. 

Those who chose to read me wrong, I have only one thing to say…

Yes, I’m tired of getting screwed over. Too many times. So…time to go! 2016 had been a year of revelations. 2017 will be an awesome year with awesome people around me. 😊 

Looking forward to more travels and yolo moments! 



And I’m back.

How has life been? Well very much the same. One thing different. I am distancing myself from people. I guess it’s for the best. I’m not one who craves attention and credit for things I did not do. So prolly the ‘cold palace’ would be best for now. #reallycantbebothered

Something different. Something new. I hope to explore further before making the step. Very long I’ve missed this bubbling excitement. I just wish I’m bestowed with more energy to work this out.

Day by day finding the chain of thoughts and inspiration thru work of arts. Cultivating the patience to craft, sketch, doodle, design. I love what I love best. Still, nobody knows me as well as I know myself. Of cuz other than my boy. #keepongoingsabby #sabbycandoit


Never thought I could break so easily.
Work has been crazy since my return from Perth. I’m practically struggling to keep afloat. And with the immense number of changes it’s pretty tough to keep a firm foot on things.

Everyday I wonder how long more I can tolerate. Everyday I keep praying and hoping things will get better. If not for the heart to serve, I would have given it up. I guess until I can firm up things and find another way to contribute back in a more meaningful way, this is my best choice by far.

Everyday I dread going to work to face the different politics happening. Why people just can’t work together peacefully? Why spend useless amount of time being political and end of the day creating an unpleasant work environment? Oh wells, I guess different people have different means of survival. Anyhow my eventual aim is to walk away from the suffocating system with knowledge and compassion, not a kpi churning machine. This is not a place for my kpi but nevertheless I will still do my best.

It will never be enough to satisfy my hunger for entrepreneurship.

Feeling distraught even on a getaway shows how much unnecessary stress I’m under. Let’s see how long more I can last.

Bored, bleak everything in one.

It seemed so bleak. Yet the company is fun. What a dilemma. Maybe I shall mull a bit longer before striving for what I really want.
And I guess relationships can’t go too deep. Glad I learnt my lesson early. Definitely once bitten twice shy. If only I’ve followed my heart not the crowd. It would have been paradise……

Now I juz have to guard my heart and mouth with all my life. And not be who I really am. Anyway no one knows me truly except for him.

And my world went crashing…my dreams shattered into a million pieces.

Poker faced i will be. Not as if any one would truly care for my happiness.

With love,

Thank you for loving me

This birthday, I am thankful.
I am tremendously blessed to be showered by the love of family, friends and loved ones.
Thanks all for remembering, spending time to celebrate and loving me more than I have ever loved myself.

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. ~Marcel Proust

Deep down, I am sincerely touched by everything that everyone has done for me to make my special day a perfect one over the past 3 days.

Once again, thank you 🙂

With love,